Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tough Day.

Dh left for work at 4:45 am. DD work up at 5am screaming, but fortunately was able to go back to sleep. Me, not so much. Ds woke up at 6 in a fine mood. Yelling at me, peeing his pants 3 times, pushed me, pushed his sister and then his sister got up and puked all over me. All before 7:30 am. I need coffee.
I cleaned her up an she seemed fine. Ds continued to be quite the angel and I got dinner started in the crockpot for the night. DD puked again, ds peed again and I really need calgon to take me away.
It is times like this I want chocolate. It makes me feel better. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....I hate being so reliant on food.

Oh well. DD is asleep. My sister came and took ds to the store and now I am trying to clean up. I ate a huge bowl of watermelon to try and curb my chocolate craving. Not quite working but not as bad as it was. I think I will go grab a fiber one bar.


Amanda said...

A fiber one bar is a very good alternative to the chocolate. Although I probably would have caved for the chocolate had it been in my house. :) Sorry you're having a tough always seems that way when the DH leaves, doesn't it?? Hang in there...

carla said...

GO YOU on the grabbing o' a fiber one bar and not a pint of Ben & Jerrys.


Ive had those FIVE AM SCREAMING WAKE UPS and they suck :)


tallmama said...

Ouch! I hate those days as a Mom! Your great for hanging in there and if you didn't cave for the chocolate you are stronger than I! So good your sister was able to take makes such a difference eh?

anna said...

i like the chocolate brownie cluff bars...perfect for a choco craving but not off the wagon.