Thursday, June 26, 2008

You're shrinking!

Ack! Help! I am apparently the incredible shrinking, wait...that is what I want! I had 2 people today tell me that I was shrinking and one said how funny I looked swimming in my shirt. Don't you love those comments?
I was just thinking yesterday that I am now officially "smaller" than I was last year at my low point and then everyone made comments on how much I had lost and how much smaller I was (although, smaller is relative) and that this time no one seemed to be noticing. I was thinking that maybe my "loss" seemed less this time b/c I am not exercising. Well, today I got those lovely words.

***edited to add...yes, Miz Fit...I know I SHOULD be exercising and I will be trying to add the exercise in very soon***

Oh, on to something funny. I went to work this morning and jumped in as usual. Threw my english muffin in the toaster and was on my way. Got super busy and at lunch time my boss says "whose muffin is in the toaster?" I look up and realize, it was mine. I totally forgot to eat and didn't even miss it. I know...I should have ate something but I really just forgot. And for me to forget to eat it is something else b/c I usually am starving. Does that mean my stomach is getting used to smaller amounts so it really didn't miss it when I had my cup of coffee with it?

Hope you all are doing well!


Amanda said...

I love those comments! And you so deserve them!!!!

I remember the first time I lost weight it seemed like when I hit the 30# mark was when everyone started saying something. It was weird. But you are doing so great. Keep on keepin on!!

And I know I need to eat more veggies...I've got to!!! Does a whole can of green beans count? I know it does, but if it's 4 servings in that can, is that 4 servings of veggies?? ;)

Christy said...

Congrats on the great comments! I hope they didn't distract you from finishing your application.

carla said...

TOTALLY LAUGHING as I merely came to say HEY and saw you read my mind :)

xo xo,


Miss July...not...yet said...

Christy, still working on the app but am almost finished. I should be able to fed-ex it this weekend or Monday at the latest. Would you believe 10 pages? And yes, that is what they want. Crazy.
Thanks for being a good reminder!

Amanda...I would count it as 2 personally but then I like me some veggies so I can eat more!

Carla...I just had a feeling. lol.