Saturday, June 21, 2008


I think I must be the queen of it. Seriously. I really NEED to get a new job. My old job is over as of the end of July and yet, I can't seem to find a way to get the dumb application in for the job I want.
I think, that it has to do with me having a hard time writing about my accomplishments. I can tell people about the great things they do and even write about them, but when it comes to me, it is like a serious road block. Almost like the things I have done are expectations and not accomplishments. Does that make sense?
I tend to think it must be a lot like my weight loss. I don't really like sharing it with anyone (besides you guys) b/c it is something that I am expected to do and be. I should have been thin to begin with and never allowed myself to gain weight. more thing to beat myself up about. I guess I should just be proud that I am healthier and I am teaching my kids to make healthy choices.

Now, off to write that darned application. Smack my hand if you see me not working on it!


Christy said...

SMACK! Stop checking comments!! Seriously, write down all your accomplishments in a list form. Then if you need to describe them or write an essay, do it in third person. Just pretend you a writting the app about someone else. Sometimes that helps people detail their activites or accomplishments. Once it sounds good, go back and change it all to first person, if appropriate.

carla said...

serious SMACKAGE.


MizFit's post on MUSTERBATION is coming next week.

no mo' shoulds or musts in our worlds, Missy.

we need to treat ourselves as we would a FRIEND!!