Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The invisible injury and a NSV

Oh, the invisible injury. I have no clue what happened but when I was at work yesterday my leg started hurting me. Like so bad I was limping. It is near the shin area and maybe about 3 inches below the knew slightly to the left. When you touch it, I can't feel anything so I can't really pinpoint a spot that hurts but hey, there you have it. There were a couple times last night that my legs almost buckled from the pain. Mostly it was if I had been sitting for a while and put just the right amount of pressure and stood up. Oi!
Any ideas?

Oh, my nsv. I bought a gallon of that delicious dryers slow churned no sugar added cookie dough ice cream...whew, that was a mouth full. Normally I wouldn't keep ice cream in my house b/c it is one of my major down falls, but I took the plunge anyway. So, I didn't touch it for a couple of days and then had a major ice cream craving. I pulled it out. Looked at the serving size and actually got out a measuring cup...and then I USED it! and only once too...then I have some sugar free fudge and did the same thing. I made myself a delicious 4 pt (yeah, the fudge is hefty) but filling sundae and you know what, I really didn't need any more than that. In the past I would have just shoveled a bowl full and ate that thinking it was a serving. Also, another little trick I used was the toddler/infant bowls are just the right size to make that sundae look HUGE!

What little tricks do you all use to get in the things you like and still feel like you are getting a fair share?


Steph said...

Way to go girl! I have gotten in the habit of putting my fork down between each bite and taking a drink of water......it's helping. Unfortunately, when I'm dipping into the powdered brownie mix, I don't put my spoon down!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Man, your making me hungry. A hot fudge sundae sounds awesome right now. Ice cream is my major downfall. I can't keep the stuff in the freezer or I go crazy with it. So kudos to you for being that brave. For my ice cream fix, I get the Swiss Miss bars from Sam's Club!!

carla said...

such a victory.

Im none too great with the ice cream portions EVEN IN small bowls...


tallmama said...

What hubby and I use to do with ice cream is the first time we'd measure out a cup, of course packing it in there as much as possible...then weigh it. The next time we just know what weight we need so the icecream isn't all packed. It seriously seems like you get so much more!