Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 2 done!

Day 2 of camp is done. It is going well, but super stressful and still not sure when I am going to catch up on all my paperwork. I am eating well. Snacking some, but I have so little time to eat that it isn't really affecting my points. I cam home tonight with something like 14 pts left.

On a side note, I could really use some positive vibes for that job I am applying for. I just found out that as of July 25 I will no longer have a job. So this entire summer camp that I created will be run by someone else. I am pissed but what you going to do. I just HAVE to get another job and this one would be perfect. I have wanted to get it for a couple of years now and it just came available.

Anyhoo...hope you all are doing well. Going to try and read a few blogs and then work on my application.

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Amanda said...

You have all of the positive vibes I have for the new job!!! I hope you get it. I'll be thinking of you!!