Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly Weigh In...

Weight change since your last recorded weight
-3.3 lbs
Total weight change to date
-19 lbs

I did get yelled at AGAIN for losing more than 2 lbs. I am not sweating it tho. The weather is good, the summer fruits are coming in and that is pretty much all I ate this weekend. Plus, it was just too hot so I didn't hit all my points. I am good with it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

BBB & Porn Juice

Better Blog Buddy.
I am on a mission to be a better blogging buddy. That means I plan on leaving a comment at least once a week for all you wondeful blogging friends out there. Also, if you know of any fabulous blogs that I am missing, please let me know about them. I would really like to see some more of us who are hard at work!

I will try to be more creative...problem is that I think having children zapped that out of me. Seriously. I have 2 amazing children who come up w/some inventive stuff...okay, well the 2 1/2 yr old comes up with the stuff, but if the 15 month old could talk then I know I would be in twilight zone.
Seriously, my son today says to me "mom, do you have any porn juice?"
WTF????? Me..."ummm, what?"
my son: "do you have any porn juice?"
Me: "ummmm, juice?"
my son: "No, porn juice?"
me: "ummmm, juice?" (where the heck is dh?)
my son: "NO MOM...PORN JUICE!"
Me: "ummmm, orange juice?"
My sone: (looking at me slightly aggrivated) "no mom, I said PORN JUICE."

At this point I just said "hey, does your sister have your toy?"

Bad mom but tell me, what is PORN JUICE and do I really want to know...and how many points is it?

Alright, that is all for now! See you later.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Note to self...

Do not buy the Reece's 100 calorie packs of the wafer bars.

I just ate the entire box. I feel sick. I feel gross. Why in the heck did I do it? They tasted REALLY Good...blech.

Okay, no use beating myself up for it...I think my body may take care of it for me. I feel so icky.

What can you NOT buy?

Monday, April 21, 2008

An Award, Alcohol and puke

I have to warn you, this is going to be a long post.

The California Commendation Medal is what I got this weekend. It was a nice thing to recieve and the adjutant general presented it. I also got a coin from a 2 star general and a couple other coins from the base commander and the command master sargeant. Confused some? Sorry, this is all military speak. Coins are kind of a big deal in the military and to get the ones that I got it is pretty tough. The medal is also something that a lot of military members don't have. My dh was really excited that I got all that.

Alcohol. Yep, drank some of that this weekend. And, considering how I felt, it amazes me I still walked away with about 15 of my flex points in tact. I knew I would be drinking so I kept my points low and then we all went to dinner. In fact, I had to take care of the drunk girls who were puking.

Then, when I got home I had to take care of puking 2 1/2 yr. old. Oh, yeah. Fun times. He got sick just as he woke up from his nap...about 20 minutes after I got home and he didn't stop puking until about 3 hours after that. He woke up 2 times last night and puked some more. All I can say is thank god I have a cast iron stomach. He seems to be doing better now so that is good.
Okay, so I did not actually exercise this weekend. At least, not in the formal sense. The hotel we were at was huge and there was a lot of running around between sessions. Also, when we went out on Saturday night we went to the promenade in Santa Monica. Remember those drunk people I told you about? Well, I had to chase them up and down the road for about 2 hours until we got them all back safely to the hotel. So, I did get in my share. If you saw my WWI post, you will see that I am down! Woot! I guess the planning worked.

Thanks for all the happy thoughts.
Whew, if you made it this far, you rock!

Weekly Weigh In...

Weight change since your last recorded weight
-1.8 lbs
Total weight change to date
-15.7 lbs

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pre Weekend Angst

I am a little nervous about this weekend. I am going to a symposium w/the natl. guard and the adjutant general for the state. (He is top dog of the air/army ntl guard). Anyway, I have been nominated for an award for the volunteer work I do with the families on the base. So exciting.
That is not why I am nervous.
I am nervous about eating. I am doing so well and seem to really be in a grove. The problem is, I am in an enviroment that I can control all the variables. At this conference, in a hotel I won't be in charge. I will eat what they have and when they have it. I know I can counter some of this by taking snacks and eating those, but really, we have all been to conferences and know what their lunches are like. I can handle breakfast and I think I can manage dinner okay but the lunches just might do me in.
Okay, so this is what I need to do. Focus. Relax. Count.
I can do that, right? If I focus on my goal it will help to keep things in perspetive. I need to relax some so that if I do have choices that aren't great, I won't just give up. I need to take a paper and pen and write all my points down and count them so I don't lose track.
Maybe I will take my gym shoes and work out gear and hit the tread mill...better yet, the beach. No, forget that. There will be no maybe. I will do it. I will make dh go with me to.
Alright. I think it might be okay...but could you all send me some happy weight watching, point counting, exercising vibes?
Thanks. :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forgot to tell you

about my nsv!
I was at home the other day, finished eating and remembered I had bought these mint crisp m&m's and jumped out of my chair to go get them. I immediately sat back down b/c I realized that I was not hungry so there was no point in eating them. Rock on!


I know this has been posted before, but Really? I believe Carl's Jr. is trying to make us fat. They have now created a ( Captain Crunch milk shake. Ice cream and cereal...can it get any better...I mean worse?

I love Captain crunch. Yummy peanut butter, crunch goodness and ice cream.

I know some people think this sounds gross but me. Well, I am just NOT going there. Not even a sip of the one my dh thought would be good to try.

Sometimes I hate dieting.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking back and finding what works.

So, the other day, I wasn't feeling great so I ate very little. It got me to thinking about how I ate the first time I lost weight and realized that I had been trying something different and it wasn't working.

When I lost weight the first time, I was single and had no one else to cook for. I ate all day long (lots of 1-2 points snacks and meals) and I was fine. I exercised excesively too...but that is b/c I was training for the avon 3 day. I was walking somewhere along the lines of 25 hours a week. Crazy. Who has time for that now?

This time I cook healthy meals for my family and eat 4-6 times a day. I get hungry in between and have no time to exercise. I would eat a 1 pt english muffin w/pb for breakfast, along with my coffee and sometimes a 2 pt cinnamon role. Then I would snack on a muffin or fruit. Then I would have a 6 pt lunch then snack then dinner and sometimes snack again. I think that I lose track of the fact that I do get hungry, all day.

So, I am back to the basics, for me, for a while. 2-3 pt breakfast. 2-3 pt snacks (3 times a day...maybe 4) and 5-6 pt lunch and same for dinner. I need to try and allow myself that extra food just in case I am hungry and there are BAD choices out there. I think, for a while at least, I need to cook seperately for my family and me. Still good stuff for them and maybe just a variation for me. They dont' need to lose so just having healthy stuff works for them.

As for the exercise. I still haven't figured that out. I wake up at 6, get home w/the kids at 6 and then they go down at 8. With the sun staying out later, I may be able to take them on a short walk but sometimes it is hard. They need baths and dinner and I am making excuses. Sigh.

Well, that is my ramble for now. Sorry if you stuck it out! Boring!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekly Weigh In...

Weight change since your last recorded weight
-1.1 lbs
Total weight change to date
-13.9 lbs

Did okay. Keep on trucking, right?

I have a wedding to go to in August and my goal is 20 lbs more. I figure make it something managable.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

How do single moms do it?

If there are any of you out there, I bow down to you. My dh has been gone for all of 7 days and I am a wreck. The kids are fed, bathed and in bed and I am ready to crash. It is 8pm.

I have not been feeling great so I actually haven't eaten much today. My lunch was frozen grapes (my new favorite snack) and my dinner was califlower soup. Yummy...

Okay, going to bed. :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My mom is why I am fat!

Okay, so maybe not, but I know she had a big part in it. At least, as to why my self esteem sucks. I know she meant well, it just didn't work.
So, why do I bring this up? Well, this morning we were discussing my cousins wedding. She got engaged last night and the wedding is in August.
My mom says "well, you have until August to lose some weight."


I know, in my head, that this is a logical that I was thinking of myself but all I heard was "you would be so pretty if you just lost 10 lbs."
I hope that I can instill positive self esteem in my daughter and god help me if I ever make her feel the way my mom makes me feel.
Thank goodness my husband is awesome and always says things like "I don't know why you are trying to lose weight, you are beautiful, but I am proud of you for being healthy." (I heart him).
Well, that is my whine for the day.

i am sucking big time. Just not so motivated and don't know why. Still making good choices, but too many of them.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly Weigh In...

I am down... .7
not much but better than a gain, or not losing at all. Really, if I am honest w/myself, it is only down .4 b/c of my gain last week. Sigh...I am definately NOT complaining though.

Dh left yesterday for 2 weeks, so I might be able to do much better, not really having to cook dinners. I can feed my kids leftovers and salads (they actually like salad for dinner).

My presentation yesterday went great. Thanks for all the kind thoughts!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Repeat after me...


you can do this. you can do this. you can do this.

now with feeling.


This has been a broadcast of the emergency diet network.
Can you tell I have been having a rough time? TOM is here, last week stressed me out so bad I have some horrid cold sores, dh is getting ready to leave for 2 weeks and I have to give a presentation to 250 plus people on Sunday and haven't even started yet.

I am ready to pull some hair out. And eat a lot of chocolate. Therefore, I am saying now...I CAN DO THIS!
Okay, off to work on this stupid presentation. Ugg.