Sunday, April 27, 2008

BBB & Porn Juice

Better Blog Buddy.
I am on a mission to be a better blogging buddy. That means I plan on leaving a comment at least once a week for all you wondeful blogging friends out there. Also, if you know of any fabulous blogs that I am missing, please let me know about them. I would really like to see some more of us who are hard at work!

I will try to be more creative...problem is that I think having children zapped that out of me. Seriously. I have 2 amazing children who come up w/some inventive stuff...okay, well the 2 1/2 yr old comes up with the stuff, but if the 15 month old could talk then I know I would be in twilight zone.
Seriously, my son today says to me "mom, do you have any porn juice?"
WTF????? Me..."ummm, what?"
my son: "do you have any porn juice?"
Me: "ummmm, juice?"
my son: "No, porn juice?"
me: "ummmm, juice?" (where the heck is dh?)
my son: "NO MOM...PORN JUICE!"
Me: "ummmm, orange juice?"
My sone: (looking at me slightly aggrivated) "no mom, I said PORN JUICE."

At this point I just said "hey, does your sister have your toy?"

Bad mom but tell me, what is PORN JUICE and do I really want to know...and how many points is it?

Alright, that is all for now! See you later.


buggirlmom said...

puine juice maybe? I don't know just a guess. I have a 2 1/2 year old as well... and fully understand the frustration. Today she was "cooking penus for breakfast" I was a little taken back at first, but figured out she was saying "peanuts". I don't know where they come up with this stuff.

buggirlmom said...

Prune juice maybe? I don't know. I also have a 2 1/2 year old and share the challenge of frustrating speech. This morning my little one was "cooking penus for breakfast". I was a little taken back until I figured out she was trying to say "peanuts". I don't know where they com up with this things.

Swizzlepop said...

LMAO, I can only imagine the horror, although if it were me and I had a child that said that I would probably fall over laughing uncontrollably.
Let's see if we can decipher this; Corn juice? Prune juice? Spoon juice? Let us know if you find out what "porn juice" is. :)

whats the skinny said...

porn's too many points for me! ha ha! i love that one.