Wednesday, June 4, 2008

REALLY???? You think?

I work with emotionally disturbed kids. It is a tough job but one that I love and hate equally. I get paid crap and get cussed at, hit, kicked, spit on, and things thrown at me on any given day. You know, I have been at this job for 10 yrs and really, even with all that the only things that have ever made me HATE the job is the EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED "ADULTS" that I work with. And I use the term "adult" loosely.
Okay, sorry about the b* fest. Just get really frustrated sometimes. Why? You might ask. Well, since I imagined you did I will tell you...

We are planning a summer camp (oh joy) which includes travel, games, and all kinds of delights that normal kids would love. Our kids, are not normal tho. They are beyond not normal. Think Bart Simpson on crack. Lovable but oh so, um, energetic and imiginative. Well, we try to work things out so that they are doing things that they will enjoy while keeping them busy. However, not everyone is as detailed oriented like I am and when I point out flaws in the plans I get told that it will be fine.
HELLO! People! I have been here for 10 yrs. You have been here for 6 months. Explain to me how you know that your plan will be better than mine? How do you know that things will just "work out?" WTF!
So, I went and got frozen yogurt. With grahm crackers. And it was good. And only 4 pts.

Okay, I am done feeling superior and "talking" my 2 readers 4 ears off. :-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful evening. I am off to watch my soap!


Amanda said...

Good job for not getting real ice cream! The frozen yogurt sounds delish!!

Sorry about the job. One day they will realize how they did not think out the logistics and you will (hopefully) hear "you were right". :)

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

You should see some of the riff-raff I have to work with 5 days a week. There are only 6 females staffed at the tower and the rest for the most part act like teenaged boys. Last Sunday I had the realization that I was the only female working the entire day....yikes!

anna said...

HELLO! make that 3 readers and 6 ears!! you deserve a freaking paid vacation...heck, you deserve to win the lottery! i have so much respect for people who are in your profession. thank you for doing what you DO!