Monday, June 2, 2008

weekly weigh in...

Well, the blog was not working for me this morning so I couldn't just copy and paste my information...therefore, this is what you get.
Down 1.7 lbs! Woot! Somewhere along the lines of 23 lbs total.
Can I just say YES!???? Finally some progress.

Do you think that hair weighs a lot? The reason I ask is that I got my hair cut on Friday. About 10 inches of it. Yes, I donated it so no worries there and yes, I had totally planned on doing it. No, I don't love my hair cut. It is way to short and I think my face is to round to pull off a bob but what you going to do? It touches my shoulders still.
Anyway, sorry about the ramble but I was wondering how much you thought that all weighed? I should have put it on the scale just to check it out. It had to be at least a couple of ounces.

Oh, my daughter spent yesterday attached to me and she is definately not well. I am going to try and get her into the dr.'s today. I think she may have an ear infection and I think the puking was related to mucus in her little tummy. Sorry if this is tmi. Anyhoo, talk you guys later.


Amanda said...

WOO HOO!!!! 1.7 is AWESOME!!!

I bet that much hair weighed a couple of ounces, but I am guessing the majority of that 1.7 is your HARD WORK! GO GIRL!!!

Amanda said...

Hey--I did not get your email. Will you send again??


Tully said...

How about a photo of the new haircut???

I have wondered the same thing about how much hair weighs, I would think it would maybe make a very small difference.

I know what you mean about wondering if your face is too chubby for short hair, I go back and forth between think short hair or long hair hides my weight better- maybe I should just lose weight and then choose a hairstyle I actually like, rather then one to hide my fat!!! :-)

carla said...

and Ill say it with you:



anna said...

NOOOO it's not your hair. that might account for a few ounces. but seriously, 1.7 pounds?? you're cute and funny!