Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Any ideas for easy lunches?

I need to be able to pack easy lunches for our camp but I don't have a way to keep them cool. I have a very small ice pack I can use. I have been packing 4 pt PB&J's. A yogurt and veggies. Sometimes a fiber one bar too. I am getting a little bored.
I packed a bbq chicken salad today. I put lettuce, coleslaw (no dressing), red onions, tomato and chicken in a dish. I mixed my own dressing using low sugar/fat bbq sauce and ff ranch that I dipped my fork into. I only used 2 oz of chicken so what...3 pts?

Just need some quick easy ideas that can be packed up with little problems and isn't too messy to eat. I am not a big fan of meat sandwiches...love veggie ones but they make such a mess by the time you try to eat them.

Anyhoo...thought I would ask for some help. Thanks!


carla said...

ooooh Im gonna ponder AND if you want me to do a Viewer Mail let me k now.

Also (sorry to ramble) last wed I did a viewer main question which was about lunch/snack stuff which might have some good ideas in it/IN THE COMMENTS!

MizFit, email if my ramble makes no sense...Im up early with toddler ;)

Amanda said...

I'm gonna think about this... do you have access to a microwave?

carla said...

checking back.

email me if you want a hand.

though come to think of it I got another email like this yesterday.

may just throw up a post?

ahh lofty goals.