Monday, June 16, 2008

Holy exercise points batman!

So, we decided to scrape our popcorn ceilings and retexture them. Plus cleaning up, plus cleaning out the garage, for 2 days straight. I looked up cleaning and put in 5 hours worth (and that is cutting it short) and it came up as 15 exercise points. Holy toledo! That is a lot of points. It is no wonder I still managed to have a loss, although, I really didn't do too bad eating.
I am beat tho. Here I am at work and all I want to do is go right back to bed.

We are thinking about remodeling our kitchen and putting in hardwood floors. Ourselves. I think we might be nuts but it will save us a ton of money. Think of all the exercise points I will get then!!!!!

Oh, got to go! The coffee is done and it smells wonderful!

P.s. if there are any dad's who read this, just wanted to say happy late fathers day!


Amanda said...

WHOA!! That's a lot!!!

And congrats on the loss! AWESOME!!!

I am going to donate my hair to the Pantene beautiful lengths program. That's been my goal since I started growing it out for my sister's wedding 2 years ago. ;) I'll feel good knowing that I've done something good too.

carla said...

man I scraped the house with my hubby a few years ago and I think Im STILL SORE!!

maybe 20 points for you? :)


Roni said...

MAN! I wish the husband was more of a do it yourselfer, he's not so we don't do a lot of house projects.

That is the best kind of activity though, especially when you get to enjoy your labor of love!