Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wii rocks and cough drops count.

Yep, the Wii ROCKS!!!!! It is so awesome and I LOVE it! Dh and I played all day, even tho I feel like poo. I kicked his butt in the boxing. And the golf. ahem...he won in lawn darts.

Oh, and make sure you look at the back of a pack of cough drops. I was eating them all day and finally checked out the bag and they are 15 calories...EACH!!!! Oh my goodness. I think I have eaten about 5-8 points in them today. I went to the store and bought some sugar free ones. They don't have calories on the bag but they have a diabetic exchange so I can sort of guess.

Anyhoo, hope you all are doing well. Going to bed soon and need to get some I can play wii tomorrow!

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Amanda said...

We just got one not too long ago and we LOVE it!!! It's awesome exercise and a great way to spend time together. :)