Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going away for a few days.

Going to KS tomorrow. My cousin's dad was in a motorcycle accident on Sunday and is in really bad shape. The neurosurgeon told her today that the best case scenario is a nursing home. every bone on his right side except for his arm and leg are broken. He has a c2 fracture, a skull fracture, a brain bleed and so on. He said that if the worst brain function was a 3 and the best was a 15 he is at 3.My cousin is like my sister. She is supposed to be married in 2 weeks in Vegas. She is the medical guardian for her father. This is horrible b/c he was such an abusive man for so many years before he was diagnosed 2 yrs ago w/a mental illness. He was on meds and really working on his relationship with her. She needs me so I am going to be there until Monday. Please pray for her.


carla said...

sending you prayers.

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Wow...such horrible news. Have a safe trip and I am sure your cousin will appreciate you being there.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about your bad news. Sending prayers your way.

Is this your cousing that used to have the blog at Weight Watchen? Rhaztas?? Either way, I'm sending prayers.