Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekly Weigh In...

Weight change since your last recorded weight
-0.7 lbs
Total weight change to date
-31.1 lbs

Not much of a loss this week, but I will take it considering how I ate. I really didn't do "bad," so to speak, but I ate over points most nights. I was just HUNGRY. Also, dh had his bday on Saturday and I took him out to the Aloha Grill which is yummy stuff. A steakhouse. We had a bottle of wine, an appetizer (I only had one piece) and a piece of pie for dessert. It was a small piece and we split it. Yesterday I was really hungry in the am and just tried to eat light in the evening.
New week and all is well. I did get to my pedicure goal tho. I am only 2.9 lbs from my mini goal I set for my cousins wedding which is on 8/8 so I guess I am doing okay. I tried on some dresses the other night and they fit, off the rack. I am not happy with how they stomach is a mess, but otherwise they were almost too big. Got to LOVE that!
Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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Amanda said...


And way to go on the eating out! You did GREAT!!! I almost have no control when we go out...which is why it's only once a week! LOL!!!You have done so great...such an inspiration!