Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another early morning....

do you ever feel like it just won't end? ugg! DD woke up puking this morning around 2ish...she finally went back to sleep around 4ish...thankfully dh took a turn w/her so he stayed on the couch and I went to sleep until 6. Tired again.
Tomorrow will be no better. We have a group of guys deploying out and I need to be to the base by 5:30am so that I can see them off and answer any questions for the families. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! But it is worth it, all of it. Even, or especially the puking kids.

I did okay the other day. Only had a minor sugar melt down. I was STARVING when I came home from work and was planning on taking the kids out w/some friends and then to Pump it up. I sat down and pulled out the cereal box and downed, probably 2 servings. I counted 3 jic tho...then we went to dinner at applebees and I just got the ww onion soup b/c I wasn't hungry but knew I needed something to balance the sugar attack out. It worked. I was fine and did not mess anything up. I think I only went over by 2 pts that day and I more than had that in flex.

Sleep would be awesome.

Still have not heard about the job, but that is to be expected. Just keep saying those prayers for me...


carla said...

prayers are coming and heres hoping you made it through the day not feeling too too SUGARCRAVING wiped out.


Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Wow, we are in the same boat....waiting to see if we "got the job". I interviewed last week and think it went well----We'll see!

Sorry about the sick kids....those illnesses seem to run right thru our entire family---hubby has had a sore throat and cough for days now and my oldest is now getting it---Yikes