Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5 am in madness!

Yes, you read right. This is 5 am in madness. Why madness, you ask? Well, let me tell you that I am up, dressed and ready to roll right now. I am walking out the door just as soon as I am done with this post. We are taking the kids deep sea fishing today (which is fun but the timing...). Anyhoo, I think I am prepared for the day. Have my lunch and some water (not too much, I don't want to pee while on the boat...ick).

So, let me tell you really quickly what a doll my dh is. We went to the outlet mall the other night to find a shirt for ds and as we were leaving he directed me into the coach store. I said, what are we doing here, this place is too expensive. He said no, you need a checkbook holder. I said "too expensive" he says "no" I say "yes" he says " are getting a gift for losing a point." Sigh...what a wonderful dh. he then said "you have been working hard, have lost almost 30 lbs and deserve something nice."

I heart him.

So, later dudes. Have a fabulous day!


Christy said...

That was really sweet of him!
Did you ever turn in your application??

Amanda said...

I heart him too! What a doll. And he's do deserve something nice! Way to go!

carla said...

that is REALLY REALLY sweet.


tallmama said...

ahhh how SWEET! I love men that treat their women good! Congrats on losing a point!
I can't wait to hear how deep sea fishing went!