Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loving the Wii...and a couple updates.

So, I love my wii....I love my wii fit. I think it is so much fun and I actually look forward to playing it at night. Isn't it great? I get a workout and I am playing a game! It adds a lot of variety and challenges to make you work harder too.

Okay, update number 1: my cousin's dad (yes, it is Rhaztas) is still breathing on his own, even though they turned life support off on Sunday. His only brain function is breathing and his heart is beating. That is all. It is sad and she is having a really hard time dealing with it. Every email she sends talks about how inhumane this is...and I can't blame her. So sad and I can do nothing to help out.

Update number 2: I got an email to say I am eligible for the job. Found out I am in the top the nation that applied. How do you like that? My rating was 92 out of 100. Woot! Now I am just waiting to see what they have in mind for interviews, etc...

I think that is all. I found these really good Pringles pretzel stix honey flavor. They are great. 90 calories. 2 points. There are quite a few in the box too and delish!


carla said...


all your readers ALREADY KNEW you were in the top five in the nation.

they are LATE to that party (*wink*)

and my thoughts are with your cousin.

I can not imagine.


Amanda said...

Sorry about Rhaztas dad. I feel for her. My prayers to you both!

And yeah, we knew you were in the top 5--DUH!!!!! :) You rock and we all know it.

I am hoping and praying a get a Wii Fit for my birthday!!! That's my #1 request!!! Well, that and a party...I will be 30... :) I think it will be the perfect winter time activity to include the whole family after dinner. :) And you just make me want it more. Pfft!