Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doing okay.

Still in KS. I am doing okay. Eating is tough b/c we are always out. I had a minor melt down last night that included a snickerdoodle, some whoopers and licorice. Oh well. I think I am still in my points for the week and that just dipped into quite a few of my flex.
I only had one real meal yesterday and did really well with it. For dinner we had chips and salsa. There was nothing else and I was hungry so that is that.
Tom is due tomorrow. I don't think I will get to WI until Tuesday so we shall see.
Thanks for any positive thoughts going my way.
My cousin is shutting down the life support on her dad today. Please send her prayers.


ThickChick said...

Yikes. Sounds like a very difficult time. Forget about the food and just focus on being with family. You can worry about the food stuff when you get home. Family trumps weight any day of the week.

Christy said...

My condolences to your cousin. She's lucky to have you there with her while she is making tough decisions,

Colette said...

My prayers will be with you and your family! Sorry to read about your cousin's fathers accident.

I agree don't worry about what your eating just be there for your family!!!


carla said...

hang in there.

I feel for you and am so PRAYING for your friend still.

be kind to yourself most of all.

xo xo,