Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend eating

I really find, that on the weekends I tend to eat more. I think it is b/c I am home and kind of bored. Not in a bad way, just not constantly working.

Today I made lunch for the family. I made corndogs & mac & cheese for dh, toddler and other toddler. I made myself a grilled cheese and carrots. I put the plates on the table, we all sat down and the oldest toddler says "I want a sandwich and carrots."

Perplexed I looked to dh for guidance...he was lookinng at ds like he had a 2nd head and I thought "hell no, not sharing!" and then I passed my plate over and offered him some. He took 1/2 the sandwich and 1/2 the carrots.

I was definately hungry at the end of the meal, but I felt good that my ds is able to ask for healthier choices. I was taking the easy way out for him and I really shouldn't do that. Nice little reminder. Oh, and the look and dh's face...priceless.


Roni said...

That ALWAYS happens to me too. LOL

And I also eat more on the weekends too. I just think food is more accessible.

Amanda said...

I agree with is more accessible. And we are not in our regular routine and everything is just off, so we eat.

I make the same thing for everyone..if no one likes it...tough luck! :0)