Friday, February 22, 2008

Drama on the internet.

I belong to a mommy board that I found when I was pg. Well, I actually found another board and we all moved to a private board b/c of the restrictions of the first board. Well, there has been never ending drama on this board and it looks like it is shutting down.

This makes me so incredibly sad. Seriously. I was with these women thru my entire pregnancy w/my daughter up until today. I can't figure the drama out...why would people lie and do these things to one another...especially on the net?

Oh well, just thought I would say, I still managed to keep my eating under control, even with feeling sad and depressed about this. :-(


Amanda said...

This wasn't a WW message board was it? :) I understand your pain though. I'm glad to hear the drama didn't make you eat! You are doing good!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

no, not a ww board. we spent a lot of time on AIM last night and we might pull together another board with a few of the remaining girls. Hopefully no drama this time.