Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Packed and ready to roll!

Sounds like I am going on vacation, right??? Not so much.

I spent so much time cooking this weekend(A rush of inspiration!), last night I packed dh, mine & ds lunches so that it was ready and we could just roll this morning. Good thing too, b/c for some reason ds decided to sleep late so we were having to fly.

I came to work, fixed myself and eggwhite and lite english muffin sandwich. (we have a little kitchen here). Oh, and a cup of coffee w/some ff creamer. Not a lot but a 4 pt. breakfast. I put in a Baked Apples (OMG, these are so good and the family loves them, I make them every couple of weeks or so). I packed the Quick Quinoa & Turkey Taco Stew, a granola bar, some strawberries, some yogurt and carrots. Lots of fresh things and lots of variety for choice. I don't plan to eat it all, but if I do, it would be okay and I would still have plenty of points left over.

I plan to make some moo-shoo pork (sp?) tonight. I made some shredded pork the other day in the crock pot so i think I will throw it in the skillet to warm it w/some terriaki sauce, throw in some brocolli slaw and serve it w/lettuce...I guess more of a lettuce wrap but I call it something else so dh will be more willing to eat it.

Anyway, that is the plan for the day...Plus lots of water. Swizzlepop I AM a size 6 again has been talking about it on her blog and I need to do it too. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

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