Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where I am...

Where I am in this journey.

Right now I think I am in that, this is still new, I am finding new foods and can stay on and do well stage.

It is better than the "why bother" stage but not as good as the "you can maintain" stage.

I am hoping the thinking holds is my anniversary this weekend (5 yrs) and dh and I are going to Disneyland and then Vegas for 2 days. It is so easy to eat in those places.

My plan is to save ALL my flex points and then use them if I need them over the weekend. I also plan on packing my scale since WI is on Monday and we aren't coming back until then. That way I can start my week fresh and still feel alright.

The good news is, Dland and Vegas have a LOT of food choices that are yummy and healthy. I just need to remember to eat those things first and check in with my body to see if I REALLY want to eat the less desirable (for those of us trying to change our eating habits) things.

WI is tomorrow and I think I have done well this week, although I did dip into all my flex points. I just am hoping to have lost the remainder of the 5 I gained. 1.7 lbs...keep your fingers crossed.

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