Friday, March 14, 2008

Another day another way.

Well, not really. It just sounded catchy.

I am doing better today. Got some more sleep and feel more alive. I hate being tired. I packed my food and have a plan for the evening as well. I think I need to start planning lower point meals in the evening in case I go well as the fact that I like to eat a lot at night so if I keep it lower points I won't go over as often.

Dh and I have agreed that as often as we can we are going to walk in the evening with the kids.

Back to work. :-(


HappyBlogChick said...

Yay for feeling more alive. I haven't slept well AT ALL in the last couple of days - I'm jealous of you being caught up on sleep!

Good for you for packing your food. That's a wonderful proactive step.

You're doing great!

Amanda said...

I had to learn the hard way to plan for less in the evening...because I would eat what I a little. If I planned for less that wasn't so bad!

Roni said...

those evening walks are GREAT! I' so happy spring is on the way!!