Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Free minutes

That is about all I what do I choose to do? Blog, of course.

I am snacking a lot today but still have some points left for dinner. I didn't use many flex points last week and this is the start of the new week so I will be good. Not sure why, other than, as usual, I am tired.

I have decided that every 5 lb mark I hit I am getting a pedicure. HOPEFULLY that won't take me any longer than 3 weeks...cause otherwise we may have some junky looking toes. I actually followed thru so now that I am down my 5 I am going on Saturday! Thank goodness too.

Got so much going on and have realized it will never really slow down so now I am embracing it. I just have to figure out how...ha ha!

1 comment:

HappyBlogChick said...

I am in serious need of a pedicure, and I've been putting it off as a "when I do x" reward. Somehow I never earn the reward! My toes are shameful.

Personally, I'm glad you choose to blog on your spare 2 minutes.