Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hungry Girl Cookbook, mothers day and self control

How do I cover all that in one post? A tall order, but one I think I can handle.

So first order of business...the Hungry Girl Cookbook ( All I can say is I love it! It is easy to read and the recipes don't look too complicated. They call for a lot of pre-cooked items so an easy to throw together meal. I am particularly happy about th happy hour section of the book...ummm, I mean really, 2 pt margarittas & Mojitos. Life is good.

Next...mother's day. Ahhhhh...what a treat it is. My son's school had a mother's day tea today. So cute. They only had fruit punch and sweetened tea tho. Yuck to both...No water? What is up with that????? They did serve some fruit with all the cookies, cakes and breads so that is what I stuck to. So glad to have some alternatives.

And last, but certainly not least, self control. As seen above with the choices at the tea I am really working hard on my self control. I try to always allow myself some freedom but within a certain area. We are having brunch w/my mom on Sunday and she is making homeade cinamon rolls and belgium waffles. I plan on taking fruit salad and eating an eggwhite omelet. I know my limits and if I so much as touch one of those cinamon rolls it will be all over for me.

So there you have it. Not very interesting but that is where I am. Where are you?


anna said...

oooh, cinnamon rolls...sooo tempting! good girl!

very good idea...planning ahead for mothers day...

it was something i had not even thought about yet. and i have a mother/daughter tea tomorrow! thanks for the heads-up, you probably saved me from 5 cookies tomorrow and who knows what else on sunday! i'm going to make a fruit salad too!! and an omlette is a good way to get full before even looking at the cinnamon rolls and other tasty treats.

today, you are my hero.

tee hee

carla said...

OK Im in for the hungry girl book now.

EVERYONE seems to adore it!