Sunday, May 18, 2008

10K or 6.21371 miles

I walked a 10K yesterday. Not too shabby. I am actually a walker by nature, but usually I do a bit more to prepare for longer things like that. I took some of the kids I work with to the AIDS walk. It was nice to show them something outside of themselves and they all finished.
So, b/c of the walk I was super hungry yesterday and ate more than I should have...the good news is I still have some flex points left for the day.

I went to a bday party today for an 8 yr old. They had pizza and cake. I ate 2 bites off my daughters pizza w/no cheese and I ate the strawberries out of the cake. I lick of frosting. Then I stopped at subway on the way home and got me a veggie sandwich! Woot!

That is my life. Boring. I actually kind of like it that way sometimes. You know, a break. Anyhoo, WI is tomorrow so we shall see.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


carla said...

at the tofu shir.last night for dinner and my sister swung by, sampled them and SPIT EM OUT :)
thought of your post...

and your food-day? fab-day!
Im with you.
sometimes the routine (boring? who can say?) is *welcome*


Amanda said...

Boring is good!!! I like it that way sometimes too. Actually I like it boring like that a lot of the time...LOL!!!

Good job on the walk too! AWESOME!!!