Monday, September 15, 2008

Who had a great day???

Me, me, me...says the annoying smart girl in the front of class!

I had a fabulous day. I ate well, TRACKED everything and exercised. Oh, and did I mention I got paid to do it?
I cooked a delish dinner tonight that my kids and dh devored. Did I mention it was fish? They love that tilapia recipe.
I still have 3.5 pts left for the evening so I can eat fruit, snack or whatever.

The kids are in bed...not asleep, but in bed. My lunch is packed, dh & ds also have packed lunches. The kids clothes are laid out. And it is only 8:17pm.

Sometimes, things just come together. Now if only every day could be so organized and orderly.

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Amanda said...

Don'tcha wish EVERY day could be this way?!? I love it when days go that well!!!

Oh and I have no idea about the zits. I still get them on occasion and it sucks!