Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Got the blahs.

I have got the blahs, bad...

I have a BAD cold. I can't breathe thru my nose which means that it is difficult to eat and drink. Some, might think I would be jumping for joy, but I really like water and it is hard to get it down. I think when I don't drink much water, I start feeling yucky. Really, hydration is your friend.

I also can't sleep b/c I can't breathe thru my nose. I can not sleep with my mouth open. No matter how hard I try. So, I am on day 3 w/very little sleep. While trying to learn a new job.

The good news is that if the scale holds thru the weekend I might hit a number I will be more than happy to share. I am always a little, okay, a lot embarrased of my weight. I know other people are in the same boat, and for whatever reason, I just feel like they are doing awesome but I am ashamed. Sad, isn't it?

I am also doing well in the job. I am learning a lot, meeting a lot of people and just getting things done. It is all very exciting.

Hope everyone is doing okay.


Christy said...

Welcome to the "I can't sleep" club. Hopefully, you won't be a member for long. :-)

Amanda said...

I know how you feel about broadcasting your weight. I had a fard time putting mine out there this go round b/c it's the highest I've been since I started WW the first time! But, for me at least, this is my journal and if I don't document that weight I won't be able to look back and see how far I've come. You have done SO WELL!! I admire your dedication!

I hope you feel better soon. I've had a cold too, but lucky for me I am a mouth breather so sleeping has not been an issue. :)