Sunday, September 21, 2008

A toddler crack up....

The other night ds was playing with a mini flash light. I was helping him change from his underware to his pullup for bed and we get the underware off at the same moment he shines the light in my eye and says "mommy...I flashed you..."
OMG! Can you say rolling on the floor laughing? That was me. A good 15 minutes later ds was like "what are you laughing about." Dh and I found it to be a riot!

Anyhoo, doing okay. Rough day yesterday and I think it is b/c my pattern got interupted. No worries, still in weekly points.

Going to Sacramento tomorrow for 4 days. I am worried, but am taking snacks to help buffer some of the binge eating I do when I am away from home.

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Amanda said...

Oh that is hilarious!!!

Have fun on your trip. :)