Thursday, October 2, 2008

Losing points

You know, I have watched the show the biggest loser and I get so jealous when they are shown having lost 13 lbs a week. Okay, I am not as big as some of them, but I am pretty close to some as well and I have never in my entire life lost 13 lbs in one week. I am sure, that the amount of work that is required is crazy too...
I would love to do it tho. Just to get rid of this fat. I have come to terms with losing just 1 lb a week average. It comes off so slow, but I have somehow managed to not give up. No matter if I have small breaks or gains I am still losing and am lower than I have been in a long time.

Okay, so that is just the thoughts I had going thru my head. Now, on to losing points. It has been about 2 months since I lost the last one. So, that is approx 10 lbs in 2 months. Sad but at least it is gone. Okay, sorry, enough about being a slow loser (not sore). So, I lost a point and quite honestly don't miss it. Dh asked me the other day if it is hard and I said "sometimes." I guess b/c sometimes it is, but since I have been eating so well and exercising, it is not the top priority. Plus, I have come up with some low point lunches and breakfast so that when dinner comes around it is a little hard to eat all that is left. Which is good b/c I am a night time snacker and have had to come up with ways to battle this.

I see this post is completly rambling so I will stop now. It was just what I was thinking of. Sorry to bore you...if you are still awake after reading this!

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Colette said...

I remember losing those points and yes it sucked! It didn't seem like you was losing alot just one point until you had to count them!! ughh!
I am on Core now and I was told by a WW leader that when alot of people get down in weight and don't have alot of points they switch to Core, because you get more bulk to keep you full!! Food for thought maybe?
Oh and CONGRATS for making it to Onederland!!! Thats awesome!! I can't wait myself!!