Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me so..............h...

HUNGRY! geez...where did you think I was going with that? Okay, so maybe that is just my twisted mind. I know I am not near as funny as I think I am, but hey, as long as the voice in my head says it works then I will go with it!

So anyway, I am hungry. Not sure what the deal is. The only thing I can think of is my body is readjusting to my time zone and so the body is requesting more power? Well, it sounds good anyway.

I LOVED DC. It was really neat, although we had such little time. I took a night tour of all the monuments and then did a tour of Arlington as well. So amazing. That little area has so much freakin history. The class was good too, although I am now even more concerned about how to get my entire job done all in a 40 hr work week. Sigh.

I tried to work out today. Really. I had changed my clothes and walked down to get a government drivers license and was going to be on my way. However, the guy in line before me had a ton of things to add to his and it took about 45 minutes. So no work out. At least I walked down to the office. I got a couple of 10 minute walks in so that has to count for something.

Well, my boring self is falling asleep, and if you made it this far you must have drank some caffeine late in the day! Have a wonderful evening!

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