Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wii says I am fat!

Okay, in its words...obese. And yes, I already knew this. It just said I gained 2 lbs and it made me mad. Blech!
I really love it tho. I didn't want to exercise last night, but I got it out and had a good time doing it. I got a good 30 min of cardio in and enjoyed it the whole time.
I think that I can keep this up. It is enjoyable and sometimes dh will play too.

Anyway, doing well this week. Planned out my menus, packing my lunches and drinking tons of water. Only glitch is that I found the 100 calorie snickers. Normally I stay away, but I thought..."wow, 100 calories, 2 pts...easy". Sigh. Should have known better. I ate 2-3 of them at a time. I froze them and they were great, but I should have known better. Just don't BUY them! Oh well. Lesson learned.

hope you all are well.

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Amanda said...

You make me want the Wii fit even more every time you post about it!! I'm getting ready to play bowling with DS1 now. :)