Friday, August 29, 2008

Extra points...

I know I have posted something similar to this before, but that was when I was nursing and I had a million points a day.
It doesn't happen often, but last night, I had ONE extra point. I had put all my food down until dinner and then I just counted in my head what I thought I had left. I spent some time on the Wii earning 4 exercise points and then got to the computer to put them in.
I still had one point left. And that was without using the exercise points.
Dh & I then had a conversation about the points...

Dh said: "are you going to eat it?"
Me: "no, I am not hungry."
DH: "are you supposed to eat it?"
Me: "well, yes, the recommend it, but I am not hungry so I guess it will be fine."
Dh thinking, then: "are you going to lose more points?"
Me: "yes, that is how you lose weight. As you drop lbs, you drop pts."
Dh: "Oh, when do you lose another point?"
Me: "I think in about 3 lbs"
Dh: "That is AWESOME!"

I know, a boring conversation and you may wonder why I posted it. Really, it was the last comment. Dh, is really trying to help me out, without making me upset b/c I tend to get pretty sensitive about my weight. That last comment was meant as a cheer. A "I am so proud of you and I am glad that you are working so hard for yourself." yep, for myself. He really does love me no matter what, but is so happy that I am trying to make myself healthier, and in the process, teach our kids good habits.

Oh, I also have him on the water bandwagon. His attempt to role model for the kids. He drinks 2 32oz bottles of water a day. I am proud of him too.

I heart him. :-)


anna said...

hey, no conversation is ever boring if it's about WEIGHT LOSS. great job!!

Amanda said...

That's awesome he is so supportive. I think I 'heart' him too!!! You have done so well, you are so inspiring!