Friday, April 27, 2007

Stressed...give me a...

So, after posting my blog earlier, I was thinking about what I said about stress eating. I tend to eat a lot when I am stressed out. I think it is because I have some anxiety issues and for me, it is this empty/pain feeling in my stomach. So, I put the food in for 1) the comfort of chewing, 2) the comfort of taste and 3) to try and fill that emptiness in my stomach. The first 2, well, those are things that I have to deal with. I can chew on gum or drink some water. The taste, well, that is just a bonus. It is that emptiness that I need to work on. It takes a lot of food to fill it and afterwards I just feel icky because I ate so much. I need to remember that feeling.
I think I did today. I got a yogurt and ate it. 2 points, then I waited for dinner. We had a great dinner from the grill and I had a beer. I don’t normally drink, but I really wanted one. I had more than enough points and it tasted good. I stopped with one. I stopped with one piece of meat, one serving of potatos and, okay, I double dipped on the veggies. I still have points left and am not sure if I will eat them. I have to wait a bit and decide if I am really hungry.
How cool is that? I can actually sit and wait instead of just diving in!

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