Monday, April 30, 2007

The irony of flying time!

We have all heard the phrase “Time flies when you are having fun,” and really, it does. The reason I bring this up is the post I wrote earlier about going back to work (I’m on a roll today). I am having fun. My daughter is 13 weeks old and I go back to work after she is 14 weeks old. I will have been off work for a total of 3 1/2 months, 4 1/2 if you count the 4 weeks prior to her birth that I was off. I am so lucky and I have been having a great time. It has gone by so fast. Too fast.
I have also noticed, how fast time goes by when I gain weight. It must be fun…ha ha! Really, I enjoy eating, so gaining weight would make sense that it happens “quicker” than I can keep track of.
The irony of this statement is that losing weight (well, in my head it is irony), which isn’t fun, takes FOREVER! I enjoy being healthy, but don’t enjoy restricting myself and the things that I eat. I don’t enjoy watching everyone else enjoy sweets and treats and bread and other things, while I feel deprived. Again, one of those stupid mental things I am working on.
I am actually trying to make losing weight fun. I make good, healthy foods (tasty too). I enjoy my exercise. I make short term “bets” with myself. I want to make this fun…so time will fly.

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