Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

Literally. I have been in my bed for pretty much the last 3 days. I crawl out to attempt to go to work, come home after about 2 hours and sit in my bed until it is time to go get my kids...which it is now.
I went to the dr. and it is allergies and not a cold. I don't know how he knew the difference but hey, I got medication and if it works I will be forever grateful for the diagnosis. I also have pink eye. Yuck.

Oh, so the new WW plan. No idea but read a review on Roni's site and it looks pretty simple. Basic stuff, right?

Well, can I do it? In the immortal words of Bob the builder..."yes, I can!" or "uhh, I think so..."

(Those w/young kids will know what that means).

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Roni said...

ohhh I got ya... and now I have it in my head and the toddler is asking me...

"Can we build it?" Over and over again!