Monday, December 8, 2008

I have the funk...AGAIN!

Tell me, what it is about me that makes me get sick? I wash my hands (almost obsessively). I clean a lot. I avoid sick people. I take vitamins. Yes, I have 2 toddlers (OMG! They are both toddlers) and I suppose that they are my little germ carriers. But geez! Can't a girl catch a break? Seriously, I was in bed at 7pm last night. Dh got to take charge of the kids and make their lunches and try and clean up. Well, he at least got the first 2 done.
I feel like crap. My head is going to explode. I have a low grade fever. My bones ache. Can a girl get any more whiny?
Oh, I asked so the answer is yes. Sadly. But I am working on stopping that.

I am still working out...even with the crud. It makes me feel yucky but at least I am moving some. In the long run I will feel better about it.

I am working on managing to maintain right now. Just until I get over this funk (not the cold) but this mood, attitude whatever I am in. I just feel like it doesn't matter and that it will never come off. I get jealous at those skinny people who eat a ton, and don't work out and never seem to gain. Don't tell me that it will catch up to them either...I know better. I have seen their parents and 30 years later they still are the same.
I am hungry all the time. I want the chocolate and the carbs.


I hate being this way. What is it that makes me feel the need to always go to food. Besides liking the way it taste.

Okay, enough. So now you all know my goal. I am not giving up, just taking a short break until I can feel good enough to do this again. Please still be my friend. :-(

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