Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why???Why am I so darned hungry?

The last few days have been rough. I have been STARVING during the day. From about 9am until about 3 pm I want to eat, eat, eat. I am finding filling foods and having them, and drinking a ton of water but nothing is helping.
I have gone home and had dinner and a snack and that helps but if I continue to be hungry like this during the day I am afraid I may just give in and have something I know I shouldn’t have! Too many points used there! Uggg!!!!
Any ideas? I have tried popcorn as a filler too and that isn’t working. I have gotten up from my desk and taken a good long walk. I have tried chewing gum, but besides making my jaw hurt it did nothing else. I have had a huge salad w/a bunch of wonderful veggies and some turkey on it for lunch today. I had 2 (1 pt) muffins that I made. I had grapes and some dried apples.
Uggg, looking at it I have eaten a ton but I am still hungry!!!! This sucks!

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