Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Committed...or Crazy?

So my cousin has decided to do a body building/sculpting contest. She has to get down to 5% (yes, that is a Five) body fat. Is that normal?

Anyway, the things she has to do for this. She works out 2 times a day. Once for cardio and once for weights. She does take one day off a week tho. She has to eat 5 meals a day...and they aren't small. Tons of protein, tons of fiberous and starchy carbs and drinks tons of water. She also has to take airborne to help w/the vitamins and minerals she is missing out on.

She came to visit this weekend and packed a cooler to check on the plane with her food for the time she was here.

Now, while I appreciate her commitment to her cause, I think she may be crazy. Seriously. That is a LOT of work. And 5%???? Really??? I think a woman should have more than that, but then hey, who am I? I thought it was hilarious that she actually packed a suitcase cooler full of food too. I bet the airline guys were wondering what the heck she was trying to smuggle. So, yeah, I really do think she is crazy.

Except, that is how I get when I am really focused on my weight loss. I won't eat out, I pack my foods, I measure exact portions...I only wish I had the work out ability. (I suppose I do, but with 2 toddlers running around, I really just want to sleep in my down time.) Except, I don't really want to go to the gym 2 times a day. I would rather just take a walk around the block. But, when I decide that I really want to exercise, I freak out until I am able to do it that day so I don't get off track...oh, those words too...I obessess about being on-track so that if I get off-track it could quite possibly be the end of the world.

So, I guess I am crazy too. Really, the truth is that I don't know how to eat normal, or exercise normal so it freaks me out if I am doing well and get back to my old ways. Maybe I need to figure out how to make this a lifestyle change, instead of a diet and then focus on that. It is just so hard for me not to obsess.

I have to go to work now, but this may be a lot longer post when I really have time to analyze it. I really just wanted to start jotting my thoughts down.

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