Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fate or good karma?

Whatever it was, I will take it and be glad for it!

So, I had a bad night last night. My daughter was up most of it and I was tired this morning, which tends to make me really hungry. I went into the day planning on blowing my points just b/c and not really caring that i have a wi tomorrow!

I managed to control myself, mostly and eat items w/in my point range. For dinner tonight I did a Mc'D's run and thought, I will get my dh a minty mudbath, but a large so I can drink some of it (probably about 1/2). The ice cream machine was DOWN! How do you like that? I had totally planned on sabotaging myself and couldn't! Fate or karma or whatever it is, THANK YOU! I was able to go home w/my salad and for desert I had some frozen cherries w/whip cream!

Holy cow! Can you imagine how bad I would be feeling if that stupid machine was working?

P.S...for those that are looking for my cousin, Michelle (rhaztas...sound off) she has just got back to the states and doesn't have a blog up and running yet. If she gets to it I will make sure to post about it so you all will know. :-)

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MMalloy said...

I love it when a bad decision is made impossible by fate!!