Friday, March 6, 2009

I survived the death germ...

sort of. It actually turned into bronchitis and we are watching for signs of pneumonia.

Darn it! I tried working out. For about 3 days in the middle of the 2 week funeral march. I felt worse afterwards and finally took my booty to the dr. because I just couldn't breathe any more. Normally, I would find that sort of weakness inexcusable, but hey, a girl HAS to breathe...

Anyhoo, I started working out again this week. Just tyring to keep up. I took one day off b/c of work and this weekend is definitely going to be a no go, but as I am still recovering I will just leave it at that.

That is really all I can do.

The eating SUCKS. I just can not seem to stop. Even when I am sick I eat. What is up with that. You would have thought the death germ would have come with at least a little benefit of no appetite.

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Amanda said...

OH NO!!!! Pneumonia is the pits! I had it in 2006 after I had surgery and it was AWFUL. Took me forever to recover from. I hope and pray you don't get it. Glad to hear you can breathe again. Don't sweat the work outs if you can't breathe. You have to be able t breathe!!!

Glad to see you posting. What is a 2 week funeral march? Never heard of it before.